Healing the healers

Reclaim freedom and control of your life

Does this sound like you?

These are the statements I hear constantly from my physician clients

“I feel I don’t have any control of my life. Others [administrators/practice managers/insurance companies] make most the decisions for me and disregard my input.”

“Saying you were a doctor used to inspire respect. Now I don’t feel valued at all. ”

“I wish I could spend more time with my family and loved ones. But I’m afraid that if I don’t work as hard as my partners do, they’ll think I’m lazy and I won’t meet my RVUs.”

“I yelled at a patient yesterday and felt terrible afterwards. I have so much on my plate, I’ve lost touch with why I became a physician to begin with.”

“I feel it’s ‘CYA’ all the time: afraid of malpractice lawsuits, afraid of Medicare audits…It’s like I’m making every decision based on fear, instead of on what’s best for the patient or for me.”

Wouldn't it be great if you could...?

Feel in control of your schedule, your time and your life.

Feel proud of what you do, your accomplishments and your contribution to the world.

Have the peace of mind of knowing you’re in the right place, doing the right thing at each moment.

Be able to completely disconnect at the end of your work day, to devote time to your passions and your loved ones.

Feeling the satisfaction of making a comfortable living by practicing what you deeply believe in and would do for free.

Is there any solution for all these issues? Yes, there is. And it doesn’t require quitting medicine or campaigning to lawmakers to change the healthcare system. It starts with shifting your mindset


Diely Pichardo-Johansson, MD

Life Alignment Coach.


I’m a former oncologist who, after becoming a cancer survivor, decided that life is too short to live without passion. 

You can learn more  about me Here.

Joyfully Successful
Life Alignment Coaching

I help Physicians

-Reclaim their self-worth so they can develop a better relationship with themselves and regain the confidence needed to speak out.

-Set healthy boundaries so they can have a better quality of life right now, wherever they are.

-Clarify their values and priorities to design the life they really want, whether is staying iat their current job or career,  or leaving.

-Break apart from the rigid, algorithmic thinking we learn in medicine, to think expansively and find solutions previously invisible.

-Heal the PTSD accumulated during medicine.

-Heal the wounds that led to overachieving, workaholism and self-sacrifice.

-Heal the Imposter Syndrome and the syndrome of “Nothing is ever enough.”

“No problem is ever solved from the level of thinking that created it”—Albert Einstein


"Diely has been invaluable in helping me find inner peace, as a surgeon, mother and partner. I am a new-to-practice, young female plastic surgeon. When I connected with Diely, I was struggling with the transition from residency to my first job, and I had a brand-new baby! Things with my career were not feeling right, and I struggled with figuring out how to advocate for myself and communicate. Diely helped me navigate this until I found internal clarity. She also helped me solidify what I truly valued, and how to integrate it into all the complicated pieces of life. Throughout our work together, I became more assertive, a better communicator, and built skills to help me through any difficult life situation. I now have a new job in which things have been good. It's been a stable experience and I'm definitely appreciating that. I know what to expect and feel pretty secure. . I highly recommend her without hesitation."
Dr. B
Plastic Surgeon
"After raising three daughters while working full-time as a physician, I’ve been an empty-nester for four years and I’m still adjusting to having time to do what I want to do. Before I started having sessions with Diely, my mind felt messy, like the junk drawer in your house where you throw everything. Now, I feel more clear about my goals. I used to feel guilty every time I did something that wasn’t productive or work related. Now I’m better at cutting myself some slack. I feel more validated to do things with my husband and family. I understand better that those things are important and worth spending time doing."
stethoscope, icon, medical
Internal Medicine
“After working with Diely for a few months, I was able to amicably transition out of a poor-fit-for-me job into a high quality institution that a few years ago I would’ve thought was out of my league. The coaching also gave me tools to bring with me to my new position. On my previous job, I didn’t know how to say no and listened to a lot of “outside noise.” Coaching helped me figure out what my true values are. I learned to strive to be the best version of myself that I can be, and let others rise to my level. I wish I’d done it earlier.. (SS, Plastic Surgeon).
Dr. S
Plastic Surgeon

You may be wondering

How can I do a coaching program if I have no free time whatsoever? In appearance, this program may feel like an investment of time. But very soon, it will return time multiplied to you by helping you organize your mind and priorities. For much less time than you invest weekly watching TV or checking your phone to rest your tired brain, you could be engaging in a stimulating program that will transform forever the way you think and navigate life.

But I have no energy left at the end of the day! One of the greatest benefits of this program is an improvement in your energy and focus. It allows you to reclaim wasted energy that is currently being allotted to a split mind, cognitive dissonance and being out of alignment with your true self.

I lack motivation. I feel numb inside. You’re not alone. After years of brutal medical training, we physicians learn to numb ourselves and dissociate. It’s a defense to survive the pain around us and the nearly inhuman conditions of sleep deprivation and sacrifice  we face to complete medical training. Then, we carry the same tendencies to our professional and personal lives. Going through this program will help you break with those tendencies and reconnect with your passion, purpose and sense of aliveness.

But with the current state of medicine and the economy, this may not be the best time to spend money in a program. Time after time, graduates from my coaching repeat that this was the best investment they made in their lives. Going through this program has saved people tremendous amounts of money from:

-Contract Litigation lawyers fees.

-Divorce lawyers fees.

-Couples Counseling.

-Individual therapy.

-Unnecessary cosmetic procedures in an attempt to rescue self-esteem.

-Superfluous purchases in an attempt to fill an inner void.

All this for less than you would spend in a designer handbag or a couple of sessions of fillers and Botox!


Why you shouldn't try to do this on your own

Physician: don’t try to heal yourself.”

-Your life is complicated enough as it is. You need a simple, proven, step by step process that you just need to show up and apply, without having to figure out everything by yourself.

You need objective feedback: We’re often so deep inside the problem, we become blind to solutions right in front of us.

You need accountability: Your life is incredibly busy and it seems that there are always fires to put out. By the time you finish tending to what’s urgent, there’s no time left for what’s important. You need an accountability partner who will hold you responsible for putting yourself and your needs at the top of the to do list.

You have a strong habit of neglecting your own needs: You spend your life prioritizing the needs of your practice, your patients, your colleagues and perhaps then your family. You need someone to oversee your progress and re-direct your attention if you’re forgetting about yourself.

I know the way out, because I've been there

Hello, soul sister. I’m Dr. Diely Pichardo-Johansson, Physician, Life Alignment Coach and #1 Amazon bestselling author. Or, more simply, I’m an oncologist who, after becoming a cancer survivor, decided I didn’t want to make a living fighting death anymore. Now I make a living celebrating life. 

During my fifteen years in oncology practice, I reinvented my career twice. The first time, not long after fellowship, I found myself trapped by a non-compete in a medical group with a toxic environment. My freedom came from the inner work that led to me to raise my bar for what I was willing to accept. I smoothly transitioned to my ideal job, where I was happy for years. Then, about a decade later, I outgrew even that dream and transitioned out of medicine, into my new true purpose.

Now, I’m living my dream life. I have complete control of my schedule and only work with people I know I can help. I truly feel I’m living my purpose and every morning, I wake up excited about my work and my life. I have much more to give to my loved ones, which has benefited tremendously everybody in my life.

Your Dream Life may look different from mine, but, rest assured, you CAN have it. Whether your dream is to regain happiness in the same place where you are now, or whether it is to move to a completely different job or career, it all begins with changing the way you think.

It would be my honor to guide you to a life of fulfillment, Purpose and Love.

Diely Pichardo-Johansson

Diely Pichardo-Johansson, MD

Life Alignment Coach


"I hired Diely as a coach shortly after a disappointment involving the medical group where I served as unit director. I felt unappreciated and disheartened. I also dealt with an aging, declining parent, and struggled with self-care and giving myself permission to do the things I enjoyed. My sessions with Diely soon become akin to meetings with a personal trainer—in this case, one helping me with my mental fitness. Just like sessions at the gym, the results took time and were subtle at first, but were worthy. Diely helped me clarify my priorities, which contributed to my decision to shed several of my previous obligations and get into a more enjoyable work pace that allows for hobbies and creativity. With Diely's help, I'm now exploring transitioning from medicine into wellness coaching. Now I feel more ready for the next chapter of my life, whether that is a future transition into retirement or a new page in my career.
Dr. Lauren
FP and Wound Care
“Before I started my sessions with Diely, I was feeling guilty about my decision to leave my job and start my own practice. Now I feel I own it and I earned the right to make the best next decision for myself. I’ m two feet over the fence. I’m not tip-toeing into the future. I feel fully in my new role—dressed in my new role.”
“The reason I would recommend coaching is that what you learn applies to every aspect of your life, not only the main goal that brought you to the coaching. For me, I signed up to coaching to make decisions about work. Yet, I go more than that. The coaching taught me to be more thoughtful. To stop in my tracks when I'm swirling; to approach things more positively, and to see a higher version of myself, someone who sees the world through her values. I also learned to be much more patient. I learned to stop myself from getting irritated in my relationship with my Mom. I’m much less prone to road rage and more patient with my husband when he forgets things.”
  • What’s included:

-Six months of coaching sessions, starting weekly x 12 weeks and then every other week x 12 additional weeks. (Total 18 sessions).

-Follow up email after sessions, with summary of main points discussed .

-Unlimited communication between sessions for support via text, email, or video app.

-Access to videos  and self-study material that reinforces the concepts discussed in the sessions.

– Free Participation in all groups and courses Diely hold.

-The option of inviting loved ones to share your sessions, if that would help you in your decision making or your communication with them.

-Optional Session transcript for you to re-read the entire conversation.

-Optional sessions video-recordings to re-watch later.

–Mid-week inspiration, check ins and reminders via video-app Marco Polo.

You know deep inside that you can’t keep going on like this for much longer.  You’ve tried to learn to tolerate the frustrations and lower your expectations for happiness. But you know this unhappiness is affecting the energy you bring to your patients and  your loved ones. You know that if you don’t do something to change things soon, you may affect your own health—mental and physical. I can help you

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