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Passionate Loving Relationships, Starting with Themselves.

Relationship Coach

Diely Pichardo-Johansson, MD. Love Expert and Relationship Coach

Hello. I’m Dr. Diely Pichardo-Johansson. I’m a former oncologist who, after becoming a cancer survivor, decided that life is too short to live without passion. I'm also a Bestselling Author, Love and Purpose Expert and Relationship Coach.

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Meet the Relationship Coach

Are you missing love and passion in your life? Do you struggle with relationships? Do you lack purpose? Everything starts with your relationship with yourself.  Get help from a Love Expert and Relationship Coach who has decades of experience helping people.


I specialize in:

Loving Relationships (including with self):  Self Love. Rekindling romantic relationships. Divorce and heartbreak recovery. Dating and finding love. Improved Communication and boundaries. 

Life Passion (your relationship with life): Impostor Syndrome. Finding Life Purpose. Career re-invention. Bouncing back from setbacks. Aging Joyfully. 

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The Most important relationship of your life is your relationship with yourself


"My divorce could have been debilitating, but Diely helped me manage the storm and come out with a smile. I cannot say enough about how grateful I am. Her wisdom as an oncologist, breast cancer survivor, and life coach is beyond money. She is absolutely amazing in directing the inner healing of life’s trauma." I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have an inspirational woman, physician, and life-changing advocate in my life. She is life-changing."
Carmal M
This Awesome Relationship Coach helped me find Love. “I’m in love and having a blast. I had a breakup after a 15-year relationship. Diely helped me deal with the adjustment to being single, and figuring out how to create my ‘new normal.’ She helped me feel OK with being alone, and helped me find myself. For a while, I was afraid of attempting a new relationship. Then, Diely helped me prepare to be in the dating world again. She helped me clarify exactly what I wanted in a man, and to release my blocks to obtain it. Thanks to that, when Ron appeared in my life, I was ready. I can’t say enough about Ron. He’s so loving, and sexy, and passionate, and kind, generous, and sweet. He’s just amazing. I’m having a blast. We laugh‑and laugh. I’ve never laughed this much in my entire life! Smitten is the right word to describe me.” Experiencing love like this reminded me of something Diely once told me [from The Four Agreements]: When we’re starving, even a slice of stale pizza seems good. But later on, we taste really delicious food and we raise the bar. We ask ourselves “What was I thinking? Why did I ever settle for so little before?” I am so grateful, Diely. Thank you for all you do."
Donna Johnston, MD
"The Coaching Improved My Self-esteem. I feel like a different person from who I was six months ago. Before the coaching, I felt stuck, and I was going through the motions. Now I feel more comfortable using my voice. I am more present. I feel more in control of how I’m handling life, and I’m better at catching myself if I’m falling into self-deprecation. The coaching helped me know myself better and improved my self-esteem. Before, I knew all the negative things about me, but during the coaching we targeted positive traits. I discovered that many qualities I aspired to were already present in me, which was a great revelation. When I feel unsettled, I have a concrete vision of what I want to live my life by and how I want my relationships to be. All that helped me transition to a new job and has translated into a better relationship with my boyfriend. In summary, I have grown. Some of what I learned, I could’ve figured out eventually—but it would’ve taken me thirty years, instead of six months. Having these revelations now, in my twenties, is very refreshing."
This Relationship Coach helped save my marriage. "I Saw My Husband Change in Front of My Eyes. I started the sessions with Diely during a difficult moment in my marriage. When we started I thought, “If I just try a little harder, if I just clean the house better, If I just wear a little make up—maybe then my husband will be nice to me.” And, of course, nothing seemed to work. I’ve learned through Diely to understand my husband better, how to talk to him, and most importantly, I learned that I have to do more things for myself. Because when I make myself happy—that makes my husband happy. The emails after each session were wonderful reminders of things I’d forgotten, and I re-read them again weeks later, to put old and new ideas together. With Diely in my ear, focusing more on gratitude, I saw him change in front my eyes. He’s more attentive. He’s more patient—which is a word I’d never used to describe him. He even made me coffee and held hands with me last weekend! I almost wanted to ask, “Who are you?” I know we’ll still have bad days, but this is the first time in a long time I feel he and I are good—something is definitely changing. All the little pieces are coming together. Before, I couldn’t focus on the next step of my career. My marriage worries took all my mental space and I felt, “I can’t handle one more thing.” But now I’m regaining my strength and opening my mind to opportunities. Now I’m a t peace enough to open other doors to where my life can go from here."
Maria J.
"After raising three daughters while working full-time as a physician, I’ve been an empty-nester for four years and I’m still adjusting to having time to do what I want to do. Before I started having sessions with Diely, my mind felt messy, like the junk drawer in your house where you throw everything. Now, I feel more clear about my goals. I used to feel guilty every time I did something that wasn’t productive or work related. Now I’m better at cutting myself some slack. I feel more validated to do things with my husband and family. I understand better that those things are important and worth spending time doing."
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"I'm a single father trying to reconcile dating with full time custody of my daughter and the challenges of COVID times. Diely's emotional insight and intuition have really helped deepen my understanding of myself, my life and my situations. Her experiences and skills have come across in a way I would've never expected. She helps me see things from a different perspective. I tend to hide from my own emotions. Diely's relatable stories allow me to be more open and connect. Then what I learn through my own sharing becomes the greatest benefit from the coaching. The best part is that it's been easy, it feels good, and afterwards, I'm glad I did it.  After my call each week I have renewed optimism, focus and a clear driving purpose to go after my goals, it just wouldn't be possible on my own. Thank you."
Marcus B.
"After nine years of closing my heart, Diely’s coaching helped me open up and give myself permission to enter a new romantic relationship. Before I started working with Diely, I felt I was trapped in a labyrinth; and now the door is open. (I may not be completely out yet, but I see a way out). I realized I was my own jailer; I was a prisoner of my rigid way of thinking. I wasn’t empowering myself or giving myself freedom to receive what I needed. Not what the world was telling me I needed, but what I truly wanted. I have no way to predict if this new relationship will be my last one, or just part of my growth process, but I’m very happy, and learning to take it one day at a time. I'm giving myself permission to live."
T. H.
A Relationship Coach helping me with my most important bond, my relationship with myself. "I never imagined the many blessings I was about to receive after meeting Dr. Diely. While 2020 was a difficult year for many people, thanks to Diely, for me it also represented a year for reinvention, excelling, and growth. It represented the beginning of a new and more exciting chapter in my life! I would need to write a book about the teachings I have received from her. (And it wouldn’t be a bad idea!) Besides the knowledge she has accumulated throughout the years as an oncologist, a writer and a dedicated student in the field of self-improvement, Diely's personal life experiences make her a very compassionate, empathic, and understanding coach. She carefully listens and genuinely cares about everything I have to share. After having weekly sessions with her, I understood the importance of having someone to grab my hand and show me the path to a better version of myself. Every woman needs a Diely in her life! Every woman needs to feel as lucky and blessed as I do!"
Adriana Marquez
More than Just a Relationship Coach. "While working on starting my new business, Diely’s coaching has provided me with a space for reflection. It has led me to identify troublesome life areas, observe them from a different perspective and gain greater clarity about them. She has also provided me tools that have made it much easier to make decisions, take action and generate concrete change, allowing me to move forward with greater ease and enthusiasm."
Lily P
“I’ve never met someone more positive than Diely. No matter what you throw at her, she always finds a positive side and a reason for gratitude She radiates contagious joy. Even if I’m feeling down or sick, her mere presence through video chat lifts me. Diely’s also an admirable role model. She manages her family beautifully and keeps alive the romance and flame in her marriage. Despite having four children, including kids with challenges, she deals with them with such calm. Oh, and she also beat cancer! Adversities have not brought down her spirit. She reminds me of a master juggler. Even better, a bullfighter holding the bull by the horns—while laughing, making it look so effortless."
Iris C
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