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Personal Development

Are you even good enough to have imposter syndrome

We all have experienced it: The nagging feeling of not being enough; that self-doubting voice running a constant commentary inside us; the compulsion to compare ourselves with others negatively. But what is the imposter syndrome? What causes it? And most importantly, can we ever get rid of it? In this blog post, I attempt to answer these questions.

Loving Relationships

Loving Relationships 101: Three Tools that can Transform your love life Loving Relationships: Putting love first  As a coach, one of the topics I specialize in is loving relationships. And my expertise started long before my life coach certification. Loving relationships were a main topic in my family ever since my childhood, when my parents …

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Assertiveness in Communication

Assertiveness in Communication

Assertiveness in Communication: Three Mind Shifts that can change your Life Assertiveness in communication is a concept I only got to learn when I moved to the United States. Assertiveness is one of my favorite words because [the way I interpret it] it means being strong and also being kind. It means speaking out what …

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