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Loving Relationships

Loving Relationships 101: Three Tools that can Transform your love life Loving Relationships: Putting love first  As a coach, one of the topics I specialize in is loving relationships. And my expertise started long before my life coach certification. Loving relationships were a main topic in my family ever since my childhood, when my parents …

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Assertiveness in Communication

Assertiveness in Communication

Assertiveness in Communication: Three Mind Shifts that can change your Life Assertiveness in communication is a concept I only got to learn when I moved to the United States. Assertiveness is one of my favorite words because [the way I interpret it] it means being strong and also being kind. It means speaking out what …

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Clarity of Mind: How to Figure Out What you Want in Three Steps

Transcript: Welcome to another episode of re-inventing your life. I’m Dr. Diely Pichardo-Johansson, board certified hematologist-oncologist, cancer survivor, author of eleven books, and mother of four children, including kids with special needs. And if you’re just joining us today, don’t worry. Every video is designed so you can get something out of it, even if you …

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